Notice of valuations out next week

From the Yuma County Assessor’s Office
Yuma County property owners can expect an above-average valuation increase when they receive their Notices of Value on or about May 1, 2023.
We are required to use the sales of residences of the 18-month period of January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022 to value all houses, and adjust the value of the unsold properties up or down in value according to the sales.

Most houses saw an increase, some more than others depending on where you live. The average increase for Yuma County residences averaged overall 29.5 percent. Commercial properties also saw an increase of 17 percent. Vacant land in the county went up by 36 percent, and not to be outdone, the agricultural land went up by 13 percent. Industrial was the only category that went down, minus-1 percent.
Of course, your percentage could be higher or lower than the average because of where you are located within the county.
The Colorado legislature has provided an actual value discount of $15,000 per residence, and $30,000 on commercial property for tax year 2023. These values will not be reflected on the Notices of Valuation, but will be applied prior to the 2023 tax bills that will be sent in January 2024.
Also new this year, all assessors are required to put an “estimate” of taxes due on the notice. There was also a change in the assessment rates. Residential rates went from 6.95 percent in 2022 to 6.765 percent for 2023. Agricultural went from 29 percent to 26.4 percent, and commercial will see their rate go from 29 percent to 27.9 percent.
The assessor’s office is solely responsible for establishing value only, not taxes. Mill levies are established by the county commissioners, school districts, and the boards of various taxing entities such as fire, hospitals, towns, cemetery districts etc. It is not determined at this time what the mill levies will do since the taxing entities do not set their 2023 mill levies until December based upon our final abstract of assessment we send to each entity.
There are a few ways to save on your taxes. There are exemptions for seniors, disabled veterans and gold star spouses. Veteran’s and gold star spouses file through the Division of Veterans Affairs, while the seniors can apply through our office. Seniors must be 65 as of January 1 and have owned their home as the primary residence and currently live there 10 years or more. The exemption exempts half of the first $200,000. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.
New this year are the protest dates. You have from May 1, to June 8, 2023. You may call, visit us in person, or mail your protest form back to us, or you can email