Thank you

Losing a loved one always causes such heartache and pain for all of those left behind. On January 5th, we lost a husband/father/grandfather/brother/uncle/and friend, after a challenging battle with cancer. Because of the community we are a part of, the burden of it all seems a little lighter. With our sincerest thanks and gratitude, we would like to acknowledge the St. Paul Lutheran Church in Otis, Colorado and it’s members. Because of the benefit you put in place, Lucinda is able to take a breath and not worry about how bills will be paid for several months. It was amazing watching the communities of Otis, Akron, and Yuma come together and really bless our family. Thank you so incredibly much to all of the donors, those who took time to let Lucinda and family know you are there and you care, and to those who are praying diligently for this family. God bless you all and we promise to pay it forward!
Sincerely, Lucinda Canfield, Shawn and Jessica Canfield, Amber and Tom Wade