Thank you from Blachs for help with fire

We would like to personally thank all of the Emergency Response teams for assisting in Friday’s devastating fire. WY Communications, Eckley Fire, Yuma Fire, Wray Fire, Wages Fire, Vernon Fire, Joes Fire, Wauneta Fire, Idalia Fire, Yuma EMS, Wray EMS, Yuma County Sheriffs, Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, Helena, CHS, Aurora Ag, Nutrien. Along with numerous local farmers for disking fire lines, and Tyler Shell for restoring power to our home. We are very blessed to still have a home to return to thanks to the endless efforts of so many members. We are so grateful to live in a community that put their lives on the line for our family and spent many treacherous hours fighting to save many homes, grassland and farmland. Jeremy, Meghann, Adley, Kashton and Kaizley Blach