Yuma County trending downward with COVID

Yuma County’s COVID-19 numbers have been trending in the right direction over the past week or so.
The following is based up on the November 4 data update on the Northeast Colorado Health Department website, www.nchd.org/covid-dashboard.

Yuma County had 44 estimated active cases, a major drop from a high of 74 on October 22, a drop of 30 active cases in less than two weeks. The county still had 23 new cases over a two-week period, but that was a significant decrease of new cases. Test positivity also had decreased significantly to 4.4 percent, which is below the target of 5 percent. There was one hospitalization during that 14-day period.
Even more encouraging was the last seven days data, which showed only five new cases, though the test positivity rate did go up to 6.6 percent. However, the number of new tests have dropped significantly. The one hospitalization came during the seven days of November 4.
The county had been put on tighter restrictions two weeks ago by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
That came about because Yuma County set record highs of new cases in September and October.
For example, Yuma County had 63 cumulative cases at the end of August, dating back to the first case reported on March 18. The county’s cases increased almost three-fold over the last two months, by 166 cases to 229 by the end of October. (Cumulative cases were at 233 as of November 4.)
The county had 67 new cases in September, which was by far the most since the pandemic broke out.
However, October ended up topping even that with 97 new cases.
Yuma County has had its only COVID death during the past two months.
However, overall hospitalizations have remained minimal in the county, and there have not been reports of many people becoming severely ill from the coronavirus, despite the big uptick in positive cases.
Because of the positive trend, the CDPHE is leaving Yuma County at its current level, instead of a more restrictive one, and will revisit the situation with the Yuma County COVID-19 Task Force in two weeks, at which point the county could go to a less-restrictive level if the current downward trend continues.
All of northeast Colorado has been hit hard by the novel coronavirus, in terms of new cases and tighter restrictions over the past two months. The six counties — Yuma, Washington, Logan, Morgan, Phillips and Sedgwick — have had 1,246 new cases combined in September and October, increasing the cumulative total to 2,899, as of November 4. Active cases were at 646 as of November 4. Plus, neighboring Kit Carson County to the south experienced increases in October.
However, hospitalizations have decreased over the past two weeks, and test positivity was in a decent rangeat 6.1 percent, over the 14-day period. Sedgwick County was hit particularly hard in October, but its numbers also have fallen in recent days.