Arickaree picks final mascot choices

Arickaree School District R-2, like Yuma-1, is needing to replace its Indians mascot by June 1.
The community has come up with five finalists — Buffaloes, Bulls, Athletics, Flying Aces, and Rattlers.
The district has created an online poll for alumni and community members to participate in helping narrow the field to the final selection. A link to the poll can be found on district’s Facebook page and school’s website. The district also has sent out emails and texts to families and friends.
SB 21-116 passed last legislative session dictates all public schools with American Indian mascots must eliminate them by June 1, 2022 or be fined $25,000 per month. The schools and/or districts need to have their new mascot approved by the Colorado Commission on Indian Affairs, and get taken off the “non-compliant” list by that date.