Election security appreciated Good job Bev Wenger. Thank you for your expertise executing and explaining election security. How many years has this information been available? How much time have the public had the resources to investigate this process? I will be interested to know how many people don’t know howContinue Reading

The start to clearing up misconceptions By Greg Hill Wind power is heading to Yuma County, and it’s a big deal. After reading some of the silliness in the Pioneer’s Letters to the Editor and otherwise getting a sense of the local gossip, I’m endeavoring to assemble a series ofContinue Reading

Why wind? By Greg Hill In this, my second column addressing the Great Renewable Land Rush in Yuma County Colorado, I shall endeavor to answer the question: Why wind? (Note: I do not get into debates about global warming. There is no debate. It’s settled, it’s happening, and it’s serious.Continue Reading

The Great Renewable Land Rush in Yuma County By Greg Hill In this, the third piece in my series on The Great Renewable Land Rush in Yuma County Colorado, I’ll provide some background on the logistical machinations behind what could prove to be the most significant revolution in land useContinue Reading

Wherein We Get into the Weeds By Greg Hill It begins with a large white envelope, delivered to your mailbox. Within that envelope is a folder whose cover depicts a flat landscape and endless blue sky familiar to anyone living on the High Plains of Eastern Colorado. Except, in thisContinue Reading

Wherein Your Stalwart Opinion Writer Decides to Move Things Along By Greg Hill Howdy. This will be my second-to-last piece on the Great Renewable Land Rush in Yuma County. There is certainly much, much more to be said on the matter, but, well…I’m getting bored. There have been moments whenContinue Reading

Wherein We Enter the Third Dimension By Greg Hill Welcome to the sixth, and final, entry in this series in which I’ve been examining the Great Renewable Energy Land Rush in Yuma County. Today, I’ll focus on the looming physical reality of the 550-foot tall wind turbines that are comingContinue Reading

By Dr. Grayson Westfall The day I received that piece of paper declaring that I was a medical doctor was one of the proudest days of my professional life. I had worked so hard. I was finally a physician. I took my Hippocratic Oath to treat the sick to theContinue Reading

God Bless the USA I am seriously worried about the future of this country. I really do not know the direction we are headed, but as of now it does not look promising. It worries me every day, particularly since the current leader continues to encourage dangerous activities. It alsoContinue Reading