Letters to the Editor

Election security appreciated
Good job Bev Wenger. Thank you for your expertise executing and explaining election security.
How many years has this information been available? How much time have the public had the resources to investigate this process? I will be interested to know how many people don’t know how the election process works.
Again, thank you for discrediting rumors of misinformation about how elections work.
While attending the Yuma County Republican Assembly in Wray, I watched you explain your job, and the election process. I was in disbelief that you had to explain the process to lifelong politically active Yuma County residents. I felt your creditability was challenged. Thank you for having the courage to set the record straight.
We all saw what happened when this type of misinformation gets out of hand, is amplified and spread throughout the country. One needs to look no further than Washington, D.C., January 6, 2021. Horrific election interference, violent intimidation, even to the level of mob-style attempts to influence public servants.
USA almost lost our democracy because of it.
I sincerely hope that Bev was not subjected to any of this, as I know many of our public servants were. I know I was when my election yard signs were spray painted with obscenities. That represents loss of free speech, destruction of property, and censorship.
In closing, I ask that all people in the USA carefully examine who they vote for and why. If you are affiliated with a political party that engages in lawlessness, consider a change. The future of our country depends on it.

Michael Fech

American headed toward autocracy
To the editor,
I am just wanting to comment to Mr. Kuecke as to his great worry that the communists, socialists, BLM and other associated lowlifes are taking over this nation.
Well, there’s no need for him and those like him to worry anymore as we are on our way to becoming an autocratic, theological Amerikan Christian Taliban state, akin to the Islamic Taliban state/mindset, but not as nice.
The Islamic Taliban shows some moderation with their policies on women, specifically women and abortion. They permit it in some cases, poverty mainly. Perhaps this is due to some respect to their Jewish “neighbors” who have the belief that your existence starts with your first breath and ends with your last, not just with conception, and the woman bears all the choices until you take your first breath.
But don’t worry Terry, none of this really matters until Cowboys for Trump have to wear burkas instead of cowboy hats and have to ride camels instead of horses. Don’t worry, I don’t think Brett Kavanaugh will let them ban beer (alcohol). Allah Akbar!
I see prayer in schools has now gotten the SCOTUS blessing, probably as long as it’s good “Christian” prayers. No “prayer rugs” allowed?

Tim Cullen

Communist infiltration
(Recent) Letters to the Editor show just how easy it for communism to take over simple-minded people.
Research has determined that communist organizations have made the United States their primary target for infiltration and subversion. Communism has been silently and steadily gaining control over the west through subversion and disinformation.
Communists work with deception and lies. Due to communist infiltration, today’s western societies are divided with the left using all its power to obstruct and thwart those who hold traditional values in politics. Countries ruled by communists use great amounts of resources to manipulation the media. They use any and all means to deceive and poison the minds of people. Communism has been successfully infiltrating and subverting the media in the United States. You have seen this in the mainstream media, constant lies.
Biden says the Second Amendment is not absolute. He wants to disarm law abiding citizens like they have done in communist countries.
He also says the First Amendment is not absolute. Freedom of speech should be censored like in communist countries.
Biden has went full bore into communist-style environmentalism. Owing to the politicization of environmentalist issues, propaganda and hype have overshadowed sound policy and scientific research. The last century has proven wrong the Marxist prediction that capitalism wold collapse in on itself. To keep up the fight against capitalism and private ownership, communists hijacked legitimate environmental concerns and created an environmentalist ideology rooted in Marxist theory. Biden’s Green New Deal promoting clean energy, shutting down gas and oil energy, is all a part of communist ideology, helping to destroy a free America.
Climate change is a crucial tenet in today’s environmentalism, used to spread the belief of an imminent ecological disaster. This has become an important tool used by the environmental movement to frighten the public into accepting communist political agendas, including tax hikes and takeovers by big government to save them from doom. Elon Musk believes that global warming will end habitat for humans on Earth by 2050, and you will have to go to another planet to survive.
Do you suppose that is what the old Norsemen concluded when it got so warm that they were growing crops in Norway and Sweden? In 1000 AD, they started moving to Greenland, Iceland and Canada. Those were the same years that the Anasazi, old Indians of the desert southwest, were developing their great cities in the desert. A great mystery.
The climate story is a communist lie to get control of the people.

Terry M. Kuecke