By Dr. Grayson Westfall (Yuma County native) The day I received that piece of paper declaring that I was a medical doctor was one of the proudest days of my professional life. I had worked so hard. I was finally a physician. I took my Hippocratic Oath to treat theContinue Reading

Moments of perfection It’s been a long and difficult year. We are all, to some extent, struggling with artifacts of the pandemic — from illnesses and deaths of friends and family, to loneliness, to loss of income, to a sense of transcendent hopelessness that weighs upon us, robbing of usContinue Reading

Of course it’s a choice Mask mandates are not enforceable. I agree. In the US of A, it is up to each individual to do the right thing for the common good. Instead, crazily, this whole COVID-19 threat has become a political issue. I get it, why it has becomeContinue Reading

Let’s get with it I remember when I used to have a sense of humor. When I used to laugh, used to make others laugh, used to be good with the clever quip. There was a time when Rayl’s Ramblings used to take a humorous look at life. I know,Continue Reading

Someday need to come home with a win Someday, we have to come back from Wray with a football win. Honestly, I love Powell Field. It is my favorite football venue in the region. Plus, it has great lighting for taking photos. (I promise, if I win the lottery, IContinue Reading

November is birthday month November is a busy birthday month in our family. The oldest was born on Election Day in 1988. It was a sunny, warm day. The middle daughter was born on a sunny, warm Saturday morning in 2001. It was the pheasant season opener, and her oldestContinue Reading

On Veterans Day We have just completed a highly contentious election. Cacophonous voices on both sides of the aisle proclaimed their version of the truth. And while there has been some violence, for the most part, we either listen to the noise, or tune each other out, and life goesContinue Reading

Tribe’s season actually has been kind of normal Perhaps the craziest thing of this strangest of all football seasons is that it has been fairly normal for the Yuma High School Indians. They had a late start to the season, getting their COVID-related quarantines, remote learning out of the wayContinue Reading

Letters: A study in contrast We saw in last week’s Yuma Pioneer a note-worthy pair of letters-to-the-editor. The first of these was submitted by Gabe Harper: “I was raised in Yuma, but for the last few years lived in both Denver and Chicago. Making new friends I found myself debunkingContinue Reading

Why I voted the way I did By now, many of you have already voted, as have I. It felt good to place my ballot in the drop-box and realize that I no longer must listen to anything political. I can eschew “educating” myself on the myriad issues that clutteredContinue Reading