Rayl’s Ramblings — Tony Rayl

Let’s get with it
I remember when I used to have a sense of humor.
When I used to laugh, used to make others laugh, used to be good with the clever quip.
There was a time when Rayl’s Ramblings used to take a humorous look at life. I know, because people would tell me so. When was the last time I wrote a column that fit that category? You tell me, because I cannot remember.
How have I become so serious and stressed?
Even before the nasty novel coronavirus, even before the rise of the Cult of Trump, even before recent protests of police brutality and Black Lives Matter (hey, I have no problem with our local law enforcement, none at all, but there are issues that need to be addressed throughout the nation), it seems I became much too serious, too concerned with challenges, to the point that I lost my fun look at life.
I have wasted years not truly enjoying my family and my life. Worst yet, I have robbed my family of those years.
And it has just gotten worse over the recent years.
It used to be we had different thoughts on things, but still were able to get along and have fun together. Now it just seems everyone dislikes those who have different views, that they are wrong, and maybe even distasteful. I remember when social media posts were funny. Maybe those still exist, but now it seems it is all about being on one side or the other, and those on the other side are idiots.
We all need to decompress, somehow.
Personally, I need to get back to appreciating what I have, instead of stressing over what I don’t.
Need to chill on what I cannot change, appreciate the many awesome things I have in my life (which are many), and get beyond political persuasions to enjoy other folks again.
Who knows what the future holds? Maybe we can find a way to come together to a certain point under new leadership, or we can choose to move further apart.
Frankly, I think it is the best thing for the GOP that Trump is out. Maybe it can get back to its core principles, and make a positive difference again. It cannot let him continue to be the face of its party, no matter how many people voted for him. Maybe the new administration will resist far-left ideology and actually find a common ground to make meaningful change, and find some unity, in this country.
It will take leaders from both sides to reach that point, or it will just get worse.
All I know is I am exhausted with all the crap.
I will continue with my core beliefs, including all people should be treated with respect, no matter their religion, ethnicity, orientation, and such.
Because when it comes down to it, we are all humans who want the same thing — to be loved and accepted, and a chance to succeed.
The US of A will always be the shining light, even if it is not a “caucasian” dominated nation, as long as the principles of opportunity for all and free enterprise — an ability to make a living for yourself and your family — remains in place. I don’t mean everyone deserves to be successful, but that opportunity to be so should be available to anyone who lives in this great country.
It is not about white, or black, or brown, or yellow, it is about the United States remaining being the land of the free.
Personally, I am going to wake up in the morning resolved to have a more optimistic look on life, determined to be someone to be fun around, and make the most of every day.
Because, in the end, the only guarantee when we get up in the morning is that we have made it to another day.
Why not have a little fun, and enjoy your fellow humans, with that daily blessing?
I apologize this Ramblings was not more humorous, but let’s get with it starting now.

Rayl can be reached at [email protected].