First goal? Get to four games Every high school football team’s mantra right now should simply be, “Play four games.” In this weird and wacky world of 2020, Colorado’s late decision to play football in the fall meant just a six-game season. A team has to play at least fourContinue Reading

Typocrisy By Tom Westfall As a sophomore in high school, I was fairly sheltered and quite naïve. As the son of a minister, our family prayed, attended church and focused a lot of our energies on trying to be good people and making our corner of the world a betterContinue Reading

Remotely Remote By Tony Rayl So here we are, sitting around with a kid on quarantine, maybe two, just not sure. We made it a little more than two weeks into the school year, then boom. Really thought it would be a little longer, but it doesn’t take much forContinue Reading

I was going to write about all this fall football craziness. Then the Nuggets happened. Wow. Unbelievable. Historical. The start of a new dynasty? I think so. Finally. I am always so thankful Nikola Jokic ended up on the Nuggets. He is destined to be one of the best playersContinue Reading

Parenting doggie style For over 40 years now, I’ve been a parent educator. Years ago, I thought that in the interests of “truth in advertising,” I should call my parenting series, “After Birth.” Somehow though, this didn’t go over very well with the women. Next, I considered calling these classes,Continue Reading

By Tony Rayl, Yuma Pioneer As professional sports leagues, college athletics, and states, try to open up again, and invariably end up with spikes in COVID-19 cases, I become less-and-less confident we can have high school and middle school athletics in the coming school year. I hate to be Mr.Continue Reading

Although the majority of young people in my parenting classes find it unfathomable that an old guy like me would watch the television show, “South Park,” I will confess that it is one of my guilty pleasures. I believe that I’ve watched every episode and quite frequently, my son andContinue Reading

By Jose Rivera-Acosta Economics and financial literacy are used in the world every single day, whether it is making a small purchase, choosing how to spend time, or deciding where to live. For the students I teach at Yuma High School, knowledge of economic literacy is indispensable. Education is theContinue Reading

By U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO)   Washington seems to be constantly convulsing in partisan accusations, investigations, and endless acrimony. That division reached its high-water mark as the United States Senate carried out the third presidential impeachment trial in our nation’s history. The process included 17 witnesses, 100-plus hours ofContinue Reading