The Nuggets and fall football

I was going to write about all this fall football craziness.
Then the Nuggets happened.
The start of a new dynasty?
I think so.
I am always so thankful Nikola Jokic ended up on the Nuggets. He is destined to be one of the best players in NBA history.
And the most unique. A true unicorn.
It is so cool he plays for our team.
Then there is Jamal, another incredible warrior, and the rest of that lineup.
Just wait until MPJ gets more experience. Even more so, wait until 7-foot-3 Bol Bol becomes part of the rotation, which will happen so.
David “Skywalker” Thompson and other old-time Nuggets will always hold a special place in my basketball-loving heart. However, we finally have a team that is a true title contender for the next several years.
LeBron and Anthony Davis might be too much this season for the Nuggs, but then again maybe not.
Roll the ball out and let’s see.
And now for all this back-and-forth about fall high school football in Colorado.
We should have just left well enough alone.
The spring season was not popular among many, though we would have been thrilled to have Friday Night Lights when they finally arrived. Everyone would have been playing, and a championship still would be decided at all levels.
And remember, it was a decision with the safety of all participants throughout Colorado in mind.We might have low cases on the eastern plains, though that currently is trending the opposite way, but CHSAA has to make decisions for the full state, and in accordance with state guidance. Colorado is a diverse state, which can be a pain, but also is very cool. Move to Nebraska or Kansas if you hate it so much.
However, there was so much pressure on CHSAA and the governor’s office that they started to waiver in their initial plan. That neighboring states are playing without breakouts, as of now at least, increased the pressure.
What has followed is a s___show. Everyone wants to blame CHSAA and the governor, but what about all those adults who gripe about how tragic it is their kids cannot play fall football during unprecedented times? It has led to all of this — two different seasons, two different state champions though neither would have all the schools playing at the same time. This is a better idea? I don’t think so.