Clint Monk running for District 3 Commissioner

By Clint Monk

Hello community, my name is Clint Monk, and I’m running on the Republican ballot for Yuma County Commissioners District 3.

I am 45 years old, born and raised right here in Yuma. I am one of four sons born to Rodney and Dianna Monk of Yuma, and I am actually an identical twin. I am a fourth generation farmer and ranch land owner in Yuma and Washington counties. We raise dryland and irrigated crops and have ranched for several years. We love the family life that farming and ranching offer, and though the generations may change, what it takes to succeed remains the same. Challenges come in many forms and sometimes seem to stack against us. Still, as part of rural Colorado, as true homegrown Americans, we are the heart and backbone of America; you and I will always rise above the challenges and never go out without a fight.

I have been married to my beautiful wife, Amanda (Riley), since 2008, and we just celebrated our 15th anniversary. Amanda is a fantastic wife and mother of our three beautiful children with a heart for God, country, and family. In her spare time, she takes college courses in political policy and government and interns at the Denver Capitol several days a week. Her heart is to someday run for office. Amanda is somewhat responsible for my running for county commissioner. In my role as a devoted husband, I have had the privilege of accompanying her to the capital in support of her ambitions and it has opened my eyes to things that I cannot ignore. Rural Colorado needs a presence, a more prevalent voice and an awareness of what is going on in the government that affects us. Amanda and I have personally observed the passage of bills that consistently erode individual rights, increasing government intrusion in daily life. I aim to minimize that and preserve our rights and freedoms as rural Americans while maintaining our local priorities and interests.

Our daughter Kennedee is 17 and is pursuing a cosmetology license in her first year of college at NJC. Our sons Beau, age 13, and Crue, age 11, are full of life and look forward to the hours when school is out. Beau wanted to start working on getting his pilot’s license this year but discovered he was too young. They enjoy riding their quads, shooting their bow and arrows, being country boys, and doing what country boys do.

As a family and individually, we have each given our lives to Jesus and serve in some capacity of ministry. Our family currently attends Freedom Fellowship in Yuma, where I am an elder and get the privilege of preaching from time to time. Amanda and Kennadee lead worship, while Beau and Crue also serve and are being cultivated into men of God. My family and I were working hard on starting an outreach called The 99, but an EF3 tornado recently caused us some minor setbacks in life.

It has always been in my heart to serve people. It’s no secret that the moral state of our nation has made a significant decline. The heartbeat of this nation is started and maintained at the local level. If elected, my strong Christian morals and values will influence any decisions I would make concerning the future of our community. I firmly believe that if there is to be change, it must start at the local level.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you and hearing your concerns, ideas, and solutions to our local challenges as I campaign for this upcoming election. My strengths as a commissioner will be my heart for the people, my experience with overcoming adversity, and standing up for what’s right.

In closing, I am self-motivated and strive to communicate well and listen. This decision came after much prayer from my family and me. I understand that this is not a position of popularity but integrity. In the words of Albert Einstein, “What is right is not always popular, and what is popular is not always right.” I’m ready to stand with those in our community and be their voice. I believe in people, and I also believe in our community. I am eager to serve the citizens of Yuma County. There is much to do to enhance our future. Therefore, I humbly ask for your vote in the 2024 Yuma County Commissioner election.

Respectfully, Clint Monk.