Commissioners proclaim Yuma County Livestock Producers Day

On February 26, 2021 the Yuma County Board of County Commissioners convened for a regular meeting. Chairman Trent Bushner, Commissioner Robin Wiley, and Commissioner Scott Weaver were all present.

The Commissioners approved a resolution declaring March 20, 2021 Yuma County Livestock Producers Day in recognition of the accomplishments and vital economic impact that livestock production of all types have in Yuma County and across the state and country. Yuma County is and continues to be a significant contributor to the ag economy, and the Yuma County Commissioners continue to support the role of producers in maintaining a strong and healthy overall economy.
Finance Officer Sarah Carwin presented financial reports including employee leave reports and interim financial statements.
The Board convened as the Board of Social Services to hear report from Human Services Director Kara Hoover. Bookkeeper Melanie Fisher presented financial reports for the Department and Hoover provided various updates on staffing, programs, and proposed legislation.
Road and Bridge Supervisor Tom Andersen met with the Commissioners to provide department updates and reports. Andersen reported on the status of current projects and the group discussed capital equipment purchases and planning. Blade Foreman Justin Lorimer presented an assessment of the current road grader fleet status and the group discussed long-range planning. The Commissioners approved the purchase of a 6300-gallon water tanker from Ritchey’s Auction as well as new tires for the scraper from Slick Spot Farm & Truck. Andersen reported that Matt Martin had been named interim Fleet Foreman due to staffing changes.
Yuma County Economic Development Director Phil Riggleman joined the Commissioners to provide updates and discuss plans and programs. Riggleman reported on research and work regarding local housing and discussed a program currently underway in Estes Park. Riggleman also reported his recent appointment to the Economic Development Council of Colorado Board of Directors.
Yuma County Assessor Cindy Taylor presented the 2021 Colorado Parks and Wildlife Payment in Lieu of Taxes (PILT) application, which the Commissioners approved.
Colten Yoast, Yuma County Land Use Administrator, presented applications during scheduled Land Use Hearings. The Exemption from Subdivision application for Rigoberto Ruiz was postponed definitely to the March 15 meeting pending further information. The Commissioners approved the proposed changes to Yuma County Land Use Code which would limit the number of dwellings on a parcel over 35 acres in size to two. The construction of subsequent dwellings will now require an exemption from subdivision application.
The Commissioners also discussed Resolution 11-30-2012 A regarding Coordination as it related to regional conversations regarding public health and discussed notice requirements for surrounding mineral rights owners for land use applications. The Commissioners also approved signature on the burial notification filed by Fily Roberts.
The Commissioners convened a brief executive session for personnel matters to conduct an exit interview with an employee.
Newly hired WY Combined Communications Director Don Nadow met with the Commissioners for introductions and to discuss the status and plans for the Communications Center in the coming months. Nadow provided updates on his strategy and plans moving forward as well as his assessments from his first few days in the role.
County Administrator Andrea Calhoon presented various facilities, IT, and human resources updates. Among items presented were a resolution approving the dissolution of the Northeast Colorado Bookmobile effective December 31, 2021 due to the withdrawal of funding by two regional counties, and a letter to Colorado Department of Transportation requesting an access category change for Highway 34 at County Road E near Yuma.