Cost approved for final phase of Yuma-1 project

The final Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for Yuma School District-1’s $32 million expansion/renovation project was set Monday night.
The Yuma-1 Board of Education unanimously approved the $17.1 million GMP during a special meeting. All five board members, President Dan Ross, Duane Brown, Thomas Holtorf, Kim Langley and Lindsey Galles, were in attendance.
This final GMP covers the new Career Technical Education (CTE) wing, which also includes a new main entrance and administration offices, as well as renovation of the current classroom wings.

The first approved GMP was for the auxiliary gym and utility work, and the second was for the work done inside Yuma Middle School, as well as the outside work throughout the west campus.
David Kurz and Abby Cross with Neenan Archistruction were in attendance Monday night, as well as Chad Rayl with owner’s representative Project One.
Rayl noted that with all the phases combined, the project is sitting at $1.2 million under budget. Kurz added that there was concern early on, but the project’s figures have balanced out.
“It’s really good having that breathing room in a renovation this size,” he said.
Chrisman also reminded the board that there was that extra utilities work put into the first GMP, which in turn helped lower the final GMP. Kurz said less masonry is a big part of the savings, and there also were significant savings with the windows.
Brown asked when the district could start spending the $1.2 million for other upgrades. Kurz said it would be good to start on a wish list. Rayl said the big question is what will be found when the renovation takes place.
The district will have time after the completion date to spend any realized savings. If it does not spend all the allotted funds, it would have to give back to the BEST Grant organization.
Kurz went over the timeline with the board.
Work on the new addition will continue throughout the fall. However, it will be mostly underground work until around Thanksgiving, when people will be able to see the steel start going up. The completion date for the new wing is July 2021. Remodeling of the art and band rooms will occur after the holidays.
There will be a big concrete pour for the auxiliary gym later this week, as well as a sidewalk in that area of the campus.
Painting and windows will be done at the auxiliary gym in September. Wood flooring is supposed to be installed in November.
The new gymnasium is scheduled to be completed in early January.
Renovation of the current classrooms wings is set for the fall semester of 2021.
There was discussion about needing to free up classroom space for that semester. The new wing will be available. Chrisman said the district is working on a plan, but there will be plenty of spaces to use for classrooms.
Cross then led everyone through a computer walkthrough of the expanded/renovated high school. Based on that presenstation, the high school is going to look great, and provide a great learning environment.
Cross stressed showcasing student achievement across the spectrum, highlighting Yuma pride. A red-and-white pallete will be the main theme, but there also will be other colors.
There will be display cases in different parts of the school featuring achievement in science, science fair, ag, art, music, and athletics. The new ag education area also will have a FFA Hall of Fame.
The current administration office area will be converted into the new library. There will be a senior locker area that will connect the two current classroom wings.
A lot of design changes have gone into the special education area, which will be located in a centralized area.
Board members commented on how they liked how it all looked, then voted to approve the $17.1 million GMP.

Project One adjustment
The meeting also included an amendment to Project One’s consulting agreement.
Rayl explained that the owner’s representative’s fee has increased due to the project being split up into three packages. That has resulted in more contracts, resulting in more work and more time with the attorney. Rayl said that after the final GMP was approved Monday night, there probably will not be a need to touch base with the attorney anymore.