County clerk to seek a sixth term

Beverly Wenger is announcing her decision to run for another term as Yuma County Clerk and Recorder.
Wenger, elected in 2002, has continued to run her office in a manner that is welcoming and caring to the customer. During the last 19 years, Bev has added Motor Vehicle services to the Driver License office in Yuma, online searching of recorded documents, payment of services with a credit card, finalizing the digitizing of older documents, adding a drop-off location for ballots in Wray and Yuma, and, coming soon, the issuance of marriage licenses in the Yuma Branch office.
Throughout previous terms, Wenger has strived to run her office with a friendly, caring, and compassionate customer service. She has developed a cross training program to better serve the customers when illness or vacation time occurs.
While there have been several changes concerning elections, MV, DL and marriage licenses, Bev has accepted those changes with an open and creative mind; keeping customer service at the center of attention.
Bev has appreciated the support from Yuma County voters and would appreciate their continued support in the upcoming 2022 election.
Beverly is active in the Colorado County Clerk’s Association, in her church, PEO organization, and has lead Youth Group in previous years. Bev and her husband Randy, live south of Yuma where Randy is engaged in farming.