Just rain here but wild weather close by

The weather got a little wacky in the region last Thursday afternoon.

Yuma ended up just getting a series of soaking rains Thursday through Saturday, finishing with a total of 1.01 inches of much-needed precipitation.

The forecast heading into Thursday, April 25, was the threat for severe weather from the afternoon into the evening featuring the possibility of hail and tornadoes.

Nothing developed around Yuma, and in fact the clouds eventually cleared for a pleasant late afternoon before the rains came later in the evening.

However, a landspout tornado developed near Akron at about 3 p.m. Storm chaser Jaden Pappenheim caught video and photos of it.

Then at about 6:15 p.m. a tornado developed in northern Yuma County. It ended up being about two miles north of the Brent and Shari Gordon homestead at county roads 54 and S. The tornado was between roads 56 and 57.

Brent was out of town that day, but Shari was there with their youngest son Jake. As the clouds swirled around them, Shari and Jake hurriedly put all the tractors and equipment that they could into the quonset, then hurried home.

She said they were watching to the west because that was where the clouds were really swirling directly overhead. Shari just happened to go to the other side of the house, glanced north and saw the tornado.

“It looked much closer than it was,” she shared. “Two miles north of our house but the closest one I hd ever seen.”

Pappenheim and his storm chasing crew zipped past the house as the tornado touched, and he again was able to get a great photograph of the twister.

It is believed not much damage came from all of it.

However, there was hail in the Holyoke area, and heavier rain in other spots to the north, including around three inches in Sedgwick County.