Lake Yuma Project is underway

Work is well underway with the Lake Yuma Project.
Solitude Lake Management is in charge of the $500,000 project to upgrade Yuma’s attractive stormwater runoff pond. A grant from the Department of Local Affairs is covering half the costs, with the rest being covered from the Street Department budget in the General Fund.

It will take another month or so to complete the work.
First up is the bank stabilization work. The City of Yuma’s Eric Metcalfe, superintendent of the Water and Wastewater departments, said there has been a lot of erosion in recent years.
The crew from Solitude Lake Management has spent about the last two weeks a liner along the banks. That material, called “sox,” will be filled with dirt and planted with grass.
A key part of the project is the installation of an aeration system. An air compressor will help circulate the water, improving the pond’s health by cutting down on algae growth. That, in turn, should help minimize any smells coming off the lake.
Work also will be done on the outlet structure that sends water east to the runoff pond in the Yuma Industrial Park. Metcalfe said the new outlet structure will allow the city to better regulate Lake Yuma’s water level, particularly after a heavy rain.
Metcalfe noted that while Lake Yuma is an attractive place — featuring a walking path, benches, tables, the Yuma Community Center, Yuma Museum and the historic Blach Schoolhouse — it’s main function is for stormwater retention, and that remains the main focus for this project.
“It’s why we were able to get a grant for this,” he said.