Locals shine in livestock judging at Colorado State Fair

Five young ladies from the Yuma community qualified for the 2020 Colorado’s Electrict Cooperatives Junior Livestock Sale at the Colorado State Fair, last week in Pueblo.
The Yuma contingent was led by Ema Richardson, who had The 2020 Grand Champion Market Beef. It was sold for $50,000, purchased by Sam Brown and Family.

Lyndsey Mekelburg sold her Reserve Champion Lightweight Goat to Schramm Feedlot and Bank of Colorado for $1,900. Leah Richardson sold her Champion Market Steer for $3,250 to Pigskin Buckaroos and Wells Fargo Bank. Rylie Robson had her second place heayweight blackface go for $1,200 to Fair Ladies and Pikes Peak Posse. Jayci Mekelburg’s third place lightweight goat went to Sam Brown and Family, Bank of Colorado and Fair Ladies for $1,350.
More than $298,200 was raised in the auction of 98 animals raised and shown by young people from across Colorado. All youth exhibitors who participated were required to keep a detailed record book of their animal project while learning responsibility, leadership, showmanship, and best animal care practices.
“The Junior Livestock Sale, especially this year, is a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our state’s 4-H and FFA kids to their animals, as well as the generosity of the philanthropists who support these amazing kids and make this event possible,” said Colorado State Fair General Manager Scott Stoller.
The sale is instrumental in supporting the future of Colorado’s agribusiness, as it demonstrates the importance of raising quality livestock and the work required of those who pursue careers in agriculture.

Livestock results
Following are the full livestock results of Yuma County youth at the Colorado State Fair.
Market Beef
Ema Richardson, Grand Champion Market Beef
Pason Frank, Class 1754-Market Steers, 10th
Lea Richardson, Class 1755-Market Steers, Champion
Abigail Yearous, Class 1756-Market Steers, 8th
Brock Welp, Class 1757-Market Steers, 9th

Miles Rutledge, Class 1120-Market Roaster Pen, 5th
James Brandner, Class 1121-Market Roaster Pen, 1st
Miles Rutledge, Class 1121-Market Roaster Pen, 2nd
James Brandner, Class 1123-Market Roaster Pen, Reserve Champion
James Brandner, Class 1122-Market Turkey Hen, 1st
James Brandner, Class 1122-Market Turkey Hen, 4th
Miles Rutledge, Class 1123-Market Turkey Hen, 5th
Miles Rutledge, Class 1123-Market Turkey Hen, 7th

Market Goat
Jaci Mekelburg, Class 3301-Lightweight Market Goat, 7th
Taryn Mekelburg, Class 3302-Lightweight Market Goat, 6th
Lyndsey Mekelburg, Class 3303-Lightweight Market Goat , 2nd
Jayci Mekelburg, Class 3303-Lightweight Market Goat, 3rd
Lyndsey Mekelburg, Class 3304-Mediumweight Market Goat, 2nd
Jayci Mekelburg, Class 3304-Mediumweight Market Goat, 8th
Forest Rutledge, Class 3305-Mediumweight Market Goat, 5th
Lyndsey Mekelburg, Class 3305-Mediumweight Market Goat, 6th
Taryn Mekelburg, Class 3306-Mediumweight Market Goat, 5th
Miles Rutledge, Class 3306-Mediumweight Market Goat, 14th
Miles Rutledge, Class 3308-Heavyweight Market Goat, 10th
Forest Rutledge, Class 3309-Heavyweight Market Goat, 8th
Lyndsey Mekelburg, Class 3321-Lightweight Market Goat, Reserve Champion

Market Hog
Ema Richardson, Class 6701-Crossbreds-Light Weight, 9th
Lea Richardson, Class 6703-Crossbreds-Light Weight, 6th
Jayci Mekelburg, Class 6705-Crossbreds-Medium Weight, 9th
Ema Richardson, Class 6707-Crossbreds-Medium Weight, 4th
Parker Dressel , Class 5900-Duroc, 4th
Nash Richardson, Class 6400-Yorkshire, 7th

Market Lamb
Rylie Robson, Class 5101-Black Face- Lightweight , 6th
Rylie Robson, Class 5112-Black Face – Heavyweight, 4th
Rylie Robson, Class 5113-Black Face-Heavyweight, 12th
Ryle Robson, Class 5114-Black Face-Heavyweight, 2nd

Jazmin Danner, Class 508-Master Showman, 10th
Jazmin Danner, Class 533-Rally Novice B, Qualifier

Grace Schaffner, Ranch Trail Level III/IV, 3rd