No electioneering this voting season

The Yuma County Clerk and Recorder’s Office has put out word it will be strictly enforcing the “electioneering” law during the upcoming voting season.
The office has stated it is making everyone aware of electioneering due to the high awareness of the election.

Electioneering occurs when the voter has any propaganda promoting either a candidate, issue or question publicly on their person or their vehicle within 100 feet of the outside of a polling location or the Yuma County Courthouse. This would also include writing with pens that promote a person, issue or question.
The Clerk and and Recorder’s staff will ask people to remove any promotions of any kind when entering the Courthouse or the VSPC beginning October 1, 2020. Ballots will begin being sent October 9, 2020 and from that date until November 3, 2020, electioneering is not allowed.

Vehicles such as this, with an election sign in the back window and a Trump sticker on the bumper, will not be allowed to park this close to the Election Center in Wray, nor ballot drop-off sites in Yuma, beginning in October.

If you have a vehicle parked in the west parking lot by the Election Center in Wray, you will be asked to remove it because the lot is within 100 feet. You may park in the south parking area or in the street.
In Yuma this would include the Yuma City Hall, the NJC Satellite Campus and the 24-hour drop box. For Yuma City Hall, the 100-foot limit would be the street or the parking lot, and NJC Satellite Campus would be the street on either side as well as the 24-hour drop box.

Mail voting
Much has been made about potential problems with more states going to mail-in ballot elections.
However, Wenger stressed that Colorado has been doing mail-in ballots for several years now, and has proven to be secure and effective.
Several steps are taken to protect the validity of the election. Counting machines are tested prior to the election by bipartisan teams, a post-election audit is conducted by a bipartisan audit board, and a bipartisan canvass board reviews the data and certifies the election.

Vote-counting equipment is never connected to the internet. A multi-factor authentication is required to access the voter registration database.
Voters are able to track their ballot by going to and sign up for getting an alert when voting officials receive your ballot, when it’s accepted and it’s counted. An email address on your voter registration is required. One can add an email address to their registration by going to, access your information and add it. One also can fill out a new registration form available at the City of Yuma Clerk’s Office, the Branch Motor Vehicle office in the NJC Satellite Campus building, or in Wray at the Yuma County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.
Election workers undergo background checks by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. They receive cyber security training, election processes training and work in bipartisan teams.
There is 24/7 video surveillance on the 24-hour drop-off boxes. Ballots dropped off at the ballot boxes are transported to the Election Center by bipartisan teams. Each box is sealed and logged.
A valid ID is required for in-person voting. A valid ID is required for first-time voters who didn’t show an ID when registering.
Mail ballots require signatures, and all signatures are verified by bipartisan trained election workers. Voters who have their signature rejected have eight days after the election to “cure.”