No RRWCD Funding for Previously Inactive Wells

By Payton Liming
Administrative Assistant

During the May quarterly meeting of the Republican River Water Conservation District (RRWCD), the board of directors determined that no RRWCD funding will be provided for EQIP or RAMP contracts if the well on the parcel was inactive, and the owner was not paying the RRWCD Water Use Fee, in 2016.

The Board will not support the activation of previously unused or abandoned wells at any location throughout the basin and will not provide supplemental contract funding for EQIP or RAMP program applications.
The RRWCD Board selected 2016 as the date for cutoff because the Resolution of the Republican River Compact Administration among the three states of Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska was signed during that year.
Inactive irrigation wells becoming operational have a negative impact in the RRWCD’s programs within the Republican River basin. More wells operating create more depletions, which negatively impact groundwater levels and Compact compliance efforts.
The RRWCD continues to work toward the retirement of the required 10,000 irrigated acres in the South Fork Focus Zone before the 2024 deadline contained in the Compact Administration Resolution.
The RRWCD Board also encourages Ground Water Management Districts to come up with an effective conservation program for each Management District area. The implementation of conservation programs by Groundwater Management Districts would further the RRWCD’s efforts to meet Compact Compliance.
If you have any questions about current conservation programs, payments for these programs or just wish to learn more about how your water usage impacts the Republican River Basin, please call the RRWCD office at 970-332-3552, Deb Daniel’s cell phone at 970-630-3525 or go online to