North Main project slowed a bit

The City of Yuma’s water line replacement project on N. Main St. has run into some hassles, resulting in it falling behind by about one week as of now.
Phase One of the project began on August 10 with Concrete Specialties and the City of Yuma crews working alongside each other. North Main is closed from Railway Avenue to Pershing Avenue.
Progress was slowed for a couple of days due to old valves not working. Then there was the challenge of trying to locate valves that were not on any maps.
The old valves not working correctly resulted in trouble shutting off the water to Railroad and No. Main intersection. The city’s Claude Strait said new valves were installed last Thursday, as well another new one installed Monday near Foch Ave. and N. Main.
The crews were installing a new 10-inch-by-12-inch cross earlier this week, and possibly started laying the new 12-inch water line on Tuesday.
The new water main is replacing the existing four-inch main. The service lines will be replaced from the main to each customer’s water meter.
Phase Two will be further north from the current location.
The project was expected to take about a month.