Pool springs a leak(s)

Weather and a suspected leak have made for a bumpy start to the summer season for the Yuma Municipal Pool.

The pool initially was scheduled to open last Wednesday, June 1, but cool wet weather delayed the opener. It was closed again Thursday due to the weather, then was closed over the weekend for staff training.
The pool was open last Friday, though there was a delay as the staff got the chemicals to a safe level. Everyone who came to swim were provided popsicles while waiting.
However, staff had noticed the water level was dropping more than normal, leading to suspicion there is a leak somewhere in the system. City Manager Scott Moore said the thinking is something is broken, but it is difficult to pinpoint where exactly.
Therefore, the pool was closed again on Wednesday of this week so an outside contractor can try to determine where is the problem, and how it can be fixed.
The pool did open Monday and Tuesday. It was expected to open again after Wednesday, but more leaks were found, so the latest from the city is it hopes the pool reopens Monday, June 13.
However, extra efforts have to be made by the staff until the suspected leak is found and fixed.
City employee Candy Gilliland, who oversees the swimming pool, said fresh water has to be added, which in turn makes it difficult to keep the pool chemicals at the right level. That means adjustments have to be made and more testing done. The staff has to wait one hour after more chemicals are added to test if the levels are correct. The chemicals have to be at the safe level before the pool is open. If not, the pool remains closed, or at least the opening is delayed until the right level is reached.
Moore said safety is the top priority so for now the pool staff is checking the levels every hour. He also said it is strongly suspected the leak is in a pipe and not the pool itself because water is lost when the pump is operating.

The hope was the problem would be found on Wednesday of this week, and repaired as soon as possible. Until then, though, every day there is a possibility of the pool being closed, or at least having a delayed opening. One can stay up to date by checking the daily updates on the city’s Facebook page.
Gilliland noted the situation is inconvenient, but is a relatively minor problem considering the pool has been in operation for nearly 60 years.