Series of stolen vehicles last weekend

There was a series of vehicle thefts this past week in the Yuma area, the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office has reported.

The first was last Friday, March 11, at about 10 p.m. when a 1997 Ford Ranger was stolen one-half mile west of Yuma from a farm residence. The owners were home at the time of the theft. The YCSO reports the vehicle was driven to Yuma and left in an alley just west of Main St. It was recovered Sunday, March 13, at around 5 p.m.
Also on Sunday, deputies responded and recovered a 2017 Black Chevrolet Impala which was reported stolen from Yuma earlier in the day. The vehicle was driven to a gravel pit southwest of Yuma and left.
While on scene with the Impala, a 911 call was aired of a vehicle theft “in progress” northwest of Yuma near the Yuma-Washington County line. A resident observed a male party attempting to gain entrance to his pickup. The resident confronted the suspect, who promptly fled on foot.
Yuma County and Washington County deputies arrived and found an abandoned Dodge pickup approximately 100 yards southeast of the residence. The vehicle was not listed as stolen.
However, when the registered owner was contacted, he stated the vehicle was last parked at a repair shop in Yuma less than four hours earlier. The thief reportedly entered the repair shop area and removed the vehicle, causing damage to the vehicle and property.
The incidents are currently under investigation.
The YCSO states it appreciates the cooperation received from its residents. It asks that people please remove the keys from their vehicles.
“Securing your vehicles and buildings is the first step,” reads the YCSO statement. “Also, be very cautious in confronting any suspicious activity. A thief who doesn’t flee when confronted is a dangerous one. Your safety is the number one priority. Property can be replaced, you cannot.”