Snow got treacherous to the south

The snow keeps falling heavier to the south of here.
The Yuma area received a soaking snow Monday, measuring a couple of inches. It was heavy at times, coupled with a strong wind, but for the most part was a manageable storm for the first day of spring.
However, the first day of spring was much rougher south, along the Highway 36 corridor and further south and east into the Burlington area.
There were reports of eight inches or more sitting on the ground in the Vernon area and further south.
The Joes/Kirk area reportedly received up to a foot of wet snow, along with a strong wind. It was a complete whiteout on Highway 36 by 12 noon, according to Joes Volunteer Fire Department Assistant Chief Michelle Smith.
Interstate 70 eastbound from Limon was closed at about noon Monday, resulting in travelers detouring to Highway 36 that runs through southern Washington and Yuma counties.
That led to a series of accidents in the Joes/Kirk area. Smith said the first was a semi-tractor trailer rollover in which no one was injured. The second, however, involved three vehicles including a small sedan, a Ford F-350 dually with a camper, and a van. The pickup and the camper rolled into the ditch. All passengers escaped with minor cuts.
Smith said Highway 36 was shutdown for a few hours between Highway 59 and County Road G.
CDOT finally closed Highway 36 at 4:30 p.m. from Last Chance to Idalia.
The conditions also were not conducive for the current calving season, as ranchers battled to keep calves from getting frozen.
On the plus side, the precipitation picture has been improving in recent weeks.
A snow storm, preceded by rain, that visited the Yuma area the middle of last week resulted in 0.37 of an inch of moisture. Snow events earlier in the month resulted in about another tenth-of-an-inch, and Monday’s storm should put March’s precipitation over one-half inch, which already is the best the Yuma area has received in months.
Precipitation has been a bit higher in southwestern Yuma County, according to the CoAgMet weather station in the Joes/Kirk area.