Special COVID-19 health insurance signup announced

The Colorado Division of Insurance announced this morning that they have adopted an emergency regulation to allow a COVID-19 Related Special Enrollment Period for enrollment in an individual (or family) health benefit plan. It is a 15 day enrollment period beginning March 20, 2020 and ending April 3, 2020. Coverage will be effective on April 1, 2020 for anyone using this Special Enrollment Period (SEP).

To access this SEP, individuals must be otherwise eligible for enrollment in the individual health benefit plan for which they are applying and must not already be enrolled in an individual, group or other health benefit plan. Only individuals not currently enrolled in a health benefit plan are eligible for the SEP.

This SEP is for qualified individuals applying for new coverage; it does not extend to those who, absent a separate triggering event, are currently enrolled in an ACA compliant health benefit plan and are seeking to change their current coverage or change carriers.

Individuals may apply for the SEP by contacting Connect for Health Colorado, a broker, an assister, or the carrier directly to determine eligibility and enrollment. Campbell Insurance will be assisting customers with this special enrollment opportunity. 848-3364.

Normal rules concerning Advanced Premium Tax Credits to help reduce premiums and Cost Sharing Reductions to lower deductibles, co-pays, and out of pocket maximum costs, based on household gross income still apply.