Time to vote for council

The ballots for the City of Yuma Council Election arrived in the mail late last week.

Electors have until 7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 2, to return their ballot to Yuma City Hall, 320 S. Main St.. One also can mail it back in if get using the proper postage and getting it in the mail system by early next week. If you are an active registered voter and do not receive your ballot, please call City Hall at 848-3878.

If you are eligible to be a voter, you can do register up until Election Day. To be eligible, one must be 18 years old and live within the Yuma city limits by earlier this month, March 11, 2024.

There are four candidates running for three seats, Dan Baucke, Marc Shay, Zach Diaz, and Daniel Ebersole is a write-in candidate. Tim McClung is the only candidate for mayor.

Read more about the candidates elsewhere in this edition.

Because of the voter-approved move to November council elections, beginning in 2025, the mayor position will be up for election then, and the three council seats to be decided will be up for election again in November 2027. The council seats elected in 2022, currently held by Jerome Benish, Terri Frame and Marylu Smith-Dischner, will be up for election in November 2025.