Viaero in solidarity with Ukraine

Fort Morgan, Colorado, March 3rd, 2022: In support of our Ukrainian neighbors, the executive team announces Viaero Wireless will be the first cellular carrier to offer free calls to Ukraine.
Effective today, we will waive charges for customers placing calls to Ukraine from our home network. Voice calls, text messages, and data use from Ukraine will also be free of charge for our subscriber base.
In addition, Viaero Wireless will provide free voice calls, text messages, and data use to Ukrainian refugees who relocate within our service area. We will work with our global partners to ensure displaced residents receive complimentary cellular service on Viaero’s network. Viaero Wireless will also suspend any Russian operators from using our network.
“Viaero believes in freedom and the right to choose. We applaud the brave citizens who are fighting for the right to live by their laws and protect themselves,” said Frank DiRico, President and Owner.
Viaero Wireless provides local, national, and international telecom solutions through global partnerships. We continue to be the largest regional service provider to rural communities in Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming.
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