Whomble joins YC Commissioner race

Mindy Whomble has announced she is running as an unaffiliated candidate for Yuma County District Commissioner, District 2.
She joins incumbent Dean Wingfield, a Democrat, and Republicans Chris Wood and Scott Weaver, in the race for the District 2 seat.

Following is her announcement:
“Born and raised in western Nebraska before marrying my husband Leonard of 36 years, a city girl moved to the country scared of her new beginnings but learning to love the rural life. The first time I smelled the freshly worked fields and ripening wheat I knew that this was the life for me. I have worn many hats in my 36 years here; wife, mother, grandmother, office manager, and bookkeeper. This doesn’t sound like someone who is a good candidate for the commissioner but I have 36 years of bookkeeping skills and 15 years of management skills. Making money stretch without neglecting obligations and sometimes making decisions that weren’t desirable to gain the best overall outcome were my top priority.
“Years of domino events transpired in Yuma County; loss of oil and gas production income, and new residents, drought, and low grain prices, the recovery of our county’s revenue is a struggle. Yuma County residents need new ideas and a fresh outlook to rejuvenate the loses. The longevity of our commissioners is at a crossroad and not sure what road to take. We need to make our communities more attractive and productive for potential business and families.
“I come to this election with common sense and an open mind. I realize no one likes change, but nothing great is ever accomplished without being uncomfortable. If we rejected every idea that made us uncomfortable then we wouldn’t experience new adventures making things easier or more economical.
“Realizing that I am not native of this Yuma County and knowing that it is hard for some to accept, this is my home and there is no other place I want to live and serve. I am not the person that will tell you what you want to hear (lies). I am the person who will tell you the truth and make decisions that are best for the economy. If this is the kind of person that you want to fill the position of Yuma County District 2 Commissioner then I am the person for you. I look forward to serving as your representative of Yuma County District 2 Commissioner. Thank you. Mindy”