YHS teacher receives honor

Yuma High School teacher José Ramon Rivera Acosta is being recognized by Economic Literacy Colorado for his commitment to economic education.

Economic Literacy Colorado (ELC) has selected five deserving Colorado teachers to be recognized during Teacher Appreciation Week – one each day of the week – for their exemplary commitment to and teaching of economic and personal financial education. Both these disciplines provide students with essential skills they will use in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

José has been taking ELC classes since 2010 – a total of 73 classes to be precise. Before the pandemic, all the full-day or week-long classes took place in Denver, forcing Jose to drive to and from Denver to attend. Currently all ELC classes are virtual, providing Jose and other teachers from across the state with extra hours of no-drive time on either end of each class.

“In all my years of teaching, the professional development seminars by ELC have helped me most because their expert resources – professors and mentor teachers – are experienced and knowledgeable,” replied José when he learned he was being recognized. “But the best thing is that I can integrate what I learn … lessons plans, concepts, simulations, etc. … into any class I teach.”

ELC is Colorado’s premier source for educating and equipping K-12 teachers with content, lessons, and materials to teach economics and/or personal finance in the classroom. Every year approximately 1,500 teachers attend low- or no-cost classes and workshops, taking their knowledge and lessons back to nearly 100,000 students across the state.

“José’s commitment to attending our classes and workshops – snow, rain, or sunshine – and being a life-long learner is what impressed us,” said Debbie Pierce, president of Economic Literacy Colorado. “I hope his students appreciate how much time and effort he puts into being the very best for them. Our heartiest congratulations go out to José!”

You can see ELC’s Facebook post about Jose on Friday, May 7, at www.facebook.com/EconLiteracyCo. Learn more about ELC’s support for teachers and students by visiting www.EconLitCo.org.