Yuma-1 seeking feedback on proposed Outlaw images

Yuma School District-1 now is seeking public feedback on eight Outlaws graphic submissions.

The school district revealed Outlaws as the new mascot last September, after it emerged as the winner in the “Mascot Madness” contest. The district already was working with a company on potential graphics. The hope at that time was that a logo would be in place by December.

However, that did not come to pass, and district leaders became increasing frustrated with the options submitted by the company.

The Yuma-1 Board of Education agreed in April to open up submissions to the public. Approximately 15 were submitted by the May 10 deadline. The Yuma High School staff pared it down to eight finalists (initially, it was reported to be three).

Yuma-1 now has posted the eight options on its Facebook page. (The Pioneer also has shared it to its Facebook page.)

One can click on the link to go to the eight options. The public is encouraged to click on the options they like and provide any comments about any of them. Participants are asked to rank their first, second and third choices, then click the “Submit” button.

The final design choice will have the stand alone graphic and one with the graphic in front of a Y.

A deadline has not been set for providing your feedback. The plan, though, is for the board of education to make the final decision during its June 17 meeting.