Yuma County business impact survey

Yuma County Economic Development is conducting an online survey of how businesses are being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
The survey was first released late last week, and approximately 40 businesses filled out the survey in the first few days.
Executive Director Phil Riggleman said the survey’s purpose was to get an accurate pictured as possible of how the pandemic has impacted local business. He stressed the more responses mean more accurate data.
“…the more responses we get the better picture we can paint for those that need to know so they can help us out,” Riggleman told the Pioneer in an email. “As more resources become available they are going to want to know what kind of issues have been created as a result of the shut-down.”
Yuma County is one of several counties in northeast Colorado collecting economic impact data.
The federal government already has the Payment Protection Program available for most local businesses through the SBA and local banking institutions. That program is now on hold until more funding is made available
As for potential future resources for businesses — with the data from this survey helping access those funds — Riggleman said it remains vague exactly what that would be.
“That’s the tough part,” he said in the email. “We don’t ultimately know yet what all is coming. What we do know is that the state has been asking for some sort of economic impact picture. I would assume that there is some sort of resource they are working on that is dependent upon what kind of impact this has made for all of us. It’s all pretty vague at this point and we don’t truly know how it’s going to work.”
He added that the survey information also can be used locally to see who has been impacted the most in order to know who to help and how.
“If there is any sort of funding coming down for state/local governments, they will want to know how they can best use those funds,” Riggleman said.
He said he wished he could be more clear, but currently all the information is speculative at best at the moment. Riggleman said the YCEDC will try to post as many updates on possible on the Facebook page and the resources page on the website.
At the very least, it is important to be prepared with the data if any sources become available.
The survey can be accessed on the Yuma County Economic Development Corporation Facebook page.
It is simple and quick to do as it has just seven questions.