Yuma County finalized budget earlier in January

Yuma County finalized a tight budget for 2024 earlier this month.

Normally, the budget is in place before the end of the previous year, but it was delayed a bit this time due to the Colorado Legislature’s special session in November addressing property tax relief.

Yuma County’s total budget is considerably lower than in 2023, due to various adjustments, as it is at $24.4 million compared to 2023’s $27.85 million.

However, the General Fund has been slightly increased in 2024 to $7.76 million, compared to $7.63 million in 2023, an increase of approximately $130,000.

The Sheriff’s budget is slightly up at $1.193 million, but the Yuma County Jail has dropped by about $400,000 to $797,503 as it is no longer a fully-functioning jail.

The Commissioners budget has increased by about $180,000 to $820,516.33. The County Clerk budget is up about $20,000 to $453,634. The County Treasurer budget is up about $30,000 to $301,229. The County Assessor budget is up about $27,000 to $462,780.

The Yuma County Fair budget has a bump of more than $40,000 to $234,772.93. Fair ground maintenance has been decreased by nearly $60,000 to $137,353.

The county’s budget for Emergency Medical Services has been increased by nearly $200,000 to $245,500, due to giving more to the county’s ambulance services.

Yuma County’s General Fund includes the county’s contributions to regional services.

The county’s share for the District Attorney’s Office is $277,704. It is $97,010 for the Northeast Colorado Health Department, $600,600 for E911, $45,466 for the Northeast Colorado Association of Local Governments.

The county’s share to the Yuma County Landfill is $130,205. The landfill’s total budget is $563,805, with the municipalities of Yuma, Eckley and Wray also contributing.

Yuma County Road & Bridge Fund is decreased by about $1.3 million to $4.88 million, with decreases in general administration and construction, though with an increase in maintenance.

Human Services is at $6.78 million, a decrease of about $600,000.

The county’s budget also includes handling payroll for East Yuma County Cemetery District, West Yuma County Cemetery District, Northeast Revolving Loan Fund, Weed & Pest Control District and Public Trustee for a total of $647,797.

In the Grant Fund, state grant dollars are down about $800,000 to $321,500, but federal grant dollars are set at $464,000 after being at zero in recent years.