Yuma Post Office closure to be much longer than originally thought

The status of the Yuma Post Office remains a fluid situation to say the least — with its closure now lasting at least 90 days, likely longer.

The post office operated on a limited basis following the May 20 hail storm, due to significant water damage.

It finally was announced earlier this week that the Yuma Post Office was moving all its operations to the Wray Post Office beginning Wednesday.

Mail still is being delivered in Yuma, but the mail carriers have to go to Wray to sort their routes, then come back for delivery. Therefore, expect mail to be delivered later than usual during this time.

As for the P.O. Boxes, Houston said people could pick up that mail between 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon Monday through Friday, and roughly between 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. on Saturday. There would be someone onsite to bring it out to you. However, that plan quickly came to an end.

One can still use the drop-off boxes in the alley to send off mail as anything in the boxes will be picked up daily.

All other mail-related services can be done at the Eckley or Otis post offices, but those locations close at 12 noon each day. Otherwise, the Wray and Akron post offices are open until 5 p.m.

Houston said the hail caused significant damage to the roof. The resulting leaks took out all of the electrical. The post office has been running off a generator and two light switches since. There are temporary lights hanging from the ceiling throughout the back portion of the building.

USPS safety inspectors finally determined the building to be unsafe, ordering it to be closed until all repairs are completed.

Earlier this week, the closure was projected to last up to six weeks.

However, Houston told the Pioneer on Friday that the Yuma location will be closed at least three months, and up to a full 12 months.

Also, the daily picking up of PO Box mail in the morning quickly came to an end. No one was there to get one’s PO Box mail Friday morning. Houston later informed the Pioneer that practice has been stopped.

Instead, there are plans being made to set up a PO Box location in Yuma while the post office is closed. Details were not finalized as of Friday afternoon, but Houston said he hoped to have more information by Saturday, so stay tuned.