Aeration system completes Lake Yuma Project

The final portion of the $500,000 Lake Yuma Project was completed last Friday.
A crew from Solitude Lake Management installed an aeration system in the lake. It consists of five different diffusers, and a small set of air compressors capable of adding dissolved oxygen to the entire pond, top to bottom.
The city’s Eric Metcalfe said the system will create a much healthier lake by combating issues such as algae, aquatic weeds, fish ills, poor water clarity and foul odors. He noted the improved water quality also will help sustain fish, turtles and other living organisms that call Lake Yuma home.
A grant from the Department of Local Affairs covered a large part of the costs. The project also included stabilizing the banks, and a better outlet structure on the east side that will make it easier for the city to control the water level.