Arrests made in relation to copper theft scourge

It appears a string of copper wire thefts from electrical substations has come to an end following the arrest of two individuals last week.

The arrests in the predawn hours of Tuesday, September 13, culminated a three-month investigation that spanned four counties in northeast Colorado, according to the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office.
Thefts of copper wire from electrical substations throughout the area had been occurring repeatedly.
According to the YCSO, a joint investigation by numerous agencies led to law enforcement identifying that key players were from Yuma County. The individuals were put under surveillance on numerous occasions.
It finally paid dividends last week when they were arrested while stealing copper from an electric substation on Highway 36 by Last Chance in Washington County.
Those arrested were Connie Toft and Rodney Hardy, both of Eckley.
Besides the YCSO, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, Logan County Sheriff’s Office, and Fort Morgan Police Department participated in the investigation. Assistance from citizens also helped the investigation.
In a Facebook post, Yuma County Sheriff Todd Combs stressed that property crimes should not be dismissed as no big deal as there are victims involved.
He also noted that thefts are almost always linked to illegal use of drugs, as people try to find ways to fund their addictions.