At last, hot summer of 2022 comes to an end

The summer of 2022 has finally come to an end.
Autumn officially begins today, September 22, ushering out a toasty summer.
Appropriately, summer had two more days in the 90s, this past Monday and Tuesday, but then went out with a whimper on Wednesday with a high around 60 and a strong chance for rain. It is supposed to be in the low 50s with an even stronger chance for rain for the first day of autumn.
Looking at the extended forecast, the 90-degree days likely will be gone until next spring and summer.
While the summer of 2022 was not record-setting by any means, it still was a pretty hot one.
Going back to May — so this includes part of spring and all of summer, Yuma had 58 days over the five months with highs of 90 degrees or above, including a handful above 100.
That means there still were plenty of days in the more comfortable range of the 80s or even 70s.
However, it was the extended stretches that made it seem like such a hot summer.
May had five days of 90 or above, and June had 12.
It bumped up to 17 in July, including 11 straight days of 90 or above, July 13-23. That stretch included 13 out of 15 days 90 or above, July 9-23.
There were six straight days in August, August 9-14, and 13 days overall above 90.
September kept it up with 11 days within the month’s first 20, including seven of the first eight days of the month, and a stretch of five straight, September 4-8, which also had three straight days above 100.

That last stretch did indeed include some record-high temperatures for Yuma, according to the National Weather Service out of Goodland, Kansas.
The high of 103 on Tuesday, September 6, broke the previous record of 102. The high of 103 on Thursday, September 8, also broke the previous record of 102. Conversely, the high of 102 on Wednesday, September 7, fell one degree short of the record high for that date, 103.