Authorities played it safe with YMS perceived threat

Law enforcement and other emergency personnel responded last Wednesday afternoon to Yuma Middle School for a potential threat.

The activity took place after the school day had come to a close.
Following is the joint statement issued by Yuma School District-1 and the Yuma Police Department.
“On Wednesday, March 29, 2023, a referral was made from Yuma Middle School regarding a potential threat. Yuma Police Department was immediately notified and responded. There was no credible threat determined.
“However, out of an abundance of caution, the Yuma Police Department, Yuma Volunteer Fire Department and Yuma County Sheriff searched the middle school premises and found no concerning, credible threats.
“Due to the nature of this concern, the district and the police department will continue to monitor. In the event any credible threats are determined, the public will be notified.”
When asked earlier this week, Yuma School District-1 said there was not anything new to report, reiterating it was a precautionary response and no issues were found.