The May 20, 2024 hail storm obviously devastated all fields in its path. One does not have to travel far from Yuma to witness winter wheat fields knocked down to the barest of cover, with no evidence it even was a wheat field except for the rows. One can goContinue Reading

Wildlife caught in the path of the May 20 devastating hail storm definitely took a beating. An obvious one in Yuma were the turkey vultures and other birds. The vultures were caught on camera the morning after the storm seeking refuge on the front porch of a Yuma home. ColoradoContinue Reading

Many trees in Yuma lost 50 percent of their foliage, and numerous were close to or at 100 percent. The trees in many neighborhoods look like it is winter, and the trees at Indian Hills Golf Course also lost nearly everything. Horticulturist Linda Langelo, provided the following information. What toContinue Reading

Yuma School District-1 now is seeking public feedback on eight Outlaws graphic submissions. The school district revealed Outlaws as the new mascot last September, after it emerged as the winner in the “Mascot Madness” contest. The district already was working with a company on potential graphics. The hope at thatContinue Reading

Long-time Yuma residents are saying the May 20, 2024 destructive hail storm is the worst they ever remember. It likely is one of the worst in Yuma’s 138-year history — most likely No. 1 in terms monetary damage. The hurtling hail played no favorites, impacting nearly every building and homeContinue Reading

The Yuma community will celebrate the Yuma High School Class of 2024 at its commencement ceremony Sunday. Graduation will be held in The Pit at 1 p.m. The doors will open at 12 noon. The 2024 Class has chosen Yuma Middle School teacher Josh Rahe as the guest speaker. AlsoContinue Reading

The current phase of remodeling the Yuma High School auditorium is coming along on schedule. The first phase addressed electrical needs, as well as new lighting and sound system. That was completed this past year, at a total cost of $586,000. It is thought the lighting and sound had notContinue Reading

The Yuma Recreation Complex Board is very excited to announce that they have approved the design for the construction of a new, state-of the art-recreation facility for Yuma and the surrounding area. The Board reviewed the feasibility study completed by Perkins & Will Design Studio in Denver, and the boardContinue Reading

Drones have become a tool for the City of Yuma. The Yuma Police Department, Electric Department and Water Department all have gone in on the purchase of two drones. The cost of $9,052.51 was split among the three departments, including extra batteries and hard cases. City Manager Scott Moore saidContinue Reading