Coaches, other extra duty, to get a pay bump

Yuma School District-1 is increasing compensation for extra-duty assignments.
Coaching positions make up the bulk of extra-duty positions, but there are other co-curricular positions that receive extra-duty compensation and/or reimbursement.
The Yuma-1 Board of Education approved the plan during its regular meeting, Monday night at the District Office. Duane Brown, John Deering and Terri Cooper were in attendance. Lyndsey Galles and Thomas Holtorf were absent.
Superintendent Dianna Chrisman explained to the board that all positions in the district are getting raises for 2023-24, and it was time to make adjustments to the extra-duty compensation. She noted sports season vary widely, from 40 days for golf (prior to state) to 93 for basketball (prior to state). She noted there also are day-long commitments, such as wrestling and golf tournaments, and track and field meets.
She said a tier has been added to the compensation plan to at least try to achieve fairness, if not equity. A fifth tier also has been added for summer weight room positions.
“I feel the tiers match what we are doing (in regards to raises),” Chrisman said.
Brown suggested the district revisit it again next summer. He noted the time commitment by coaches for relatively little pay, and the fact they actually want to do it. He said he feels the compensation currently is too low, and this change still is not enough.
“I feel we’re not generous enough to these coaches,” Brown said.