Commissioners sworn in; YC starts year with new budget

The Yuma County government has begun 2021 with a new budget.
Increases in expenditures appear to be minimal, following a difficult 2020. The county’s overall budget is set at $22.45 million, compared to 2020’s $21.11 million. However, much of that can be attributed to a significant increase in the Health and Human Services budget from $3.27 million in 2020 to $4.66 million in 2021.

County administrator Andrea Calhoon explained the increase is almost entirely state and federal pass-through dollars for economic support programs.
Yuma County’s general fund is set at $6.43 million in expenditures, compared to $6.25 million in 2020. The total general fund including transfers to Capital Acquisition and the Sheriff Victim Assistance and Grant brings the total to $6.71 million, which is actually lower than 2020’s $6.78 million.

Yuma County Commissioner Robin Wiley is sworn-in for a sixth term by County Clerk Bev Wenger, Tuesday in the Yuma County Courthouse. (Courtesy Photo)

The Yuma County Jail’s budget is set at $1.098 million, and the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office at $996,691, both a slight increase over 2020.
The Commissioners Office is set at $562,774, a decrease of about $50,000.
The County Clerk and Recorder’s Office decreased by $10,000 to $371,217. The Driver’s License Office is about the same at $59,162.
The County Treasurer/Public Trustee Office increased by about $3,000 to $241,000.
The County Assessor’s Office increased by $9,000 to $383,835.
The Yuma County Fair’s budget has been increased by about $20,000 to $207,190 in 2021. County Fair Maintenance remained nearly the same at $82,368.
Building Maintenance has been set at $408,122, a slight increase over 2020.
Golden Plains Extension’s budget in 2021 is $230,782, a slight increase over last year.
A new addition to the county’s general fund is the CDL Testing Unit, with a budget of $131, 531.
Yuma County pays a share for various regional and local services.
Its share for the 13th Judicial District Attorney Office is $221,693. The county has budgeted $97,010 for the Northeast Colorado Health Department. Its share for W-Y Combined Communications is $460,000. The county has $45,000 budgeted for Economic Development, $33,880 for Northeast Colorado Bookmobile Service, $37,513 for the Northeast Colorado Transit Authority, and $16,020 for the Northeast Colorado Association of Local Government.
Yuma County Commissioner Scott Weaver is sworn-in for his first term by County Clerk Bev Wenger, Tuesday at the Yuma County Courthouse in Wray. (Courtesy Photo)
The county’s share for the Yuma County Landfill is $112,475.
Yuma County Road and Bridge’s budget has increased by about $300,000 to $6.93 million. That includes $3.09 million for general administration, $3.35 million for construction, $136,500 in maintenance, $45,000 for reclamation, and $300,000 for special projects.
The county is budgeting $400,000 in state grants, $250,000 in prospective grants, $28,000 for a Clerks Technology Grant, and $17,777 in grant account miscellaneous funds.
Yuma County provides payroll clearing for East Yuma County Cemetery District, West Yuma County Cemetery District, Public Trustee, Revolving Loan, Weed & Pest Control District and Economic Development.
On the revenue side, taxes will raise $5.74 million, plus $16.73 million revenue, for total revenue of $22.46 million.