Corrals displaced by house fire

The Raymond and Anabel Corral family has seen their lives uprooted just as the holiday season approaches.
Their home at 213 N. Birch St. sustained severe fire and smoke damage last Friday morning, November 10.
Anabel was home when the fire started, quickly leaving the house when she saw flames and smoke in the back of the house. She asked her neighbor for help and he called 911.
Daughter Mariana, who lives there with her parents, said her mom tried to go back into the house to gather important documents but could not.
The Yuma Volunteer Fire Department quickly arrived, but the house already was engulfed in a flaming inferno. The flames threatened the home to the south as the adjoining privacy fence caught on fire and nearly got to the neighbor’s car port roof.
However, firefighters were able to quickly get that under control while also dousing the flames in the Corral’s home. The fire, though, had done its work, causing severe damage throughout the residence.
The Yuma Police Department investigated the fire, reporting that it is leaning toward an electrical issue with an old refrigerator in the back of the home as the cause.
The Corrals have lived at 213 N. Birch for 23 years, raising their children Mariana and Eddie. Mariana is a 2017 graduate of Yuma High School, and currently works at Yuma Children’s Academy. Eddie graduated in 2021 and currently lives in Denver. Raymond works in Nebraska.
A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Corral family to help them in their time of need. A link to the page can be found at the Pioneer’s Facebook page.
A benefit lunch/dinner also is planned for Saturday at 12 p.m. at 110 N. Main St. There will be chili Colorado, arroz (Mexican rice), enslada fria (cold pastas), frijoles, drink and desserts (postres). Food will be sold by plate, and each plate costs $15.
They briefly stayed at a relative’s place, but ladies from their church, St. John’s Catholic, have set them up in an apartment not far from their home.
“The whole community has been really cool,” Mariana said.
All belongings were lost in the fire, clothing, furniture, dishes, utensils, family memories, everything. Mariana said people have been donating clothes, and people have offered to provide furniture for the apartment.
Anyone who might have something to donate can contact Mariana at 970-405-8838.
“I think we’re still in shock,” she said earlier this week. “For me, I still can’t believe it happened. When I walked into the house, that’s when it hit me.”
However, the Corrals are not giving up on returning to their family home.
“My dad really wants to rebuild everything,” Mariana said. “He doesn’t want to give up on it.”