Country school project moving along

The Yuma County School Project is moving along with the work of locating and marking the sites of former rural schools.
More than 186 school sites, and many of their teachers and students, have been identified.

Have you noticed any of the school signs across the county?
Traveling north of Yuma, one can see the signs at the former schools sites of Waverly High School, Pleasant Hill, Red Willow, Bryant, Plainview, Brand and Hammond. Do you know those places or people who attended school there?
The signs are large steel cut-out, mounted on permanently-set posts. Three more posts have been set and are waiting for signs. They will identify Petrie, Pleasant Valley and Strawder. There are four other locations that have been identified: Ford, Ford Parochial, Tavenner and Enterprise, all waiting for funding.
If you are unable to travel north of town, one can see the old Blach School sitting behind the Yuma Museum by Lake Yuma. A sign in the country marks its original location. The school is comprised of two classrooms, one from 1890 and other from 1923. Along one wall is a list of teachers and students that attended the school. Check it out. Maybe your name, or an ancestor, or someone you know, is on the list. Maybe you have the picture of a teacher who taught there, or a story or two? Please let us know.
The committee is in the process of locating schools south of Yuma. Do you know where any of these schools or where they were — Bald Eagle, Mount Hope, West Valley, South Valley, or others? Would you be willing to sponsor a sign or make a donation in honor of a school, teacher, or student?
If you have information about any of the schools or wish to donate, please contact Bev Tracy at 970-630-1201, or Sue Mueller (Yuma Museum) at 970-630-1267.