Council approves site plan for Church Annexation

A comprehensive site plan for the Church Annexation at the northeast end of Yuma was approved by the Yuma City Council, last week during its regular meeting.

The property in question is the plot located between N. Detroit Ave. and Indian Hills Golf Club. The city purchased the property a few years ago, then sold it last year to Yuma Development, LLC, which is a limited liability corporation formed by Carlson and Associates.
The site plan, featuring the potential for 241 residential lot of various sizes, as well as an industrial area at the south end by the railroad tracks, was presented to the council by Kent Carlson and Scott Carlson from Carlson and Associates.
They gave some background on themselves, saying the family ran a dairy farm long ago, and has been involved in property development in the metro Denver area since 1964. They said they appreciated the opportunity to work with the Yuma community.
They explained there was a delay in presenting the site plan because they were focusing on the industrial part by the railroad, but now are moving forward with the residential subdivision. The housing subdivision would be a mix of housing types and sizes. They said they also would look to sell lots to individuals to build their own houses.
The plan includes 20 lots measuring 200 by 100 that would run along the edge of the golf course. There are 38 lots 75 by 110 at the north end, the middle has 85 lots 65 by 100, and 98 lots toward west side measuring 45 by 100. The plan includes a park in the middle of the development.
The Carlsons told the council they plan to start with the smaller lots for modulars and smaller home in an effort for people to purchase a starter home.
The timeline still is up in the air. The Carlsons said they are working on signage and developing a website to start the marketing effort. They said they need to see the depth of need through the marketing, then will narrow down prices and come back to the council with the first phase.
They stressed they want the development to be a community-based project.
The council approved the site plan on a 6-0 vote. Mayor Ron Swehla, Mayor Pro-tem Marc Shay, and council members Tim McClung, Terri Frame, Jerome Benish and Marylu Smith-Dischner were in attendance. Councilman Dan Baucke was absent.