County issues statement about marijuana

The Yuma County Commissioners have received a number of requests for information and/or comment regarding recent community conversations concerning retail marijuana establishments in Yuma County.

Based on the requests received, we have identified the need to clarify communication channels and reaffirm the official position of the Yuma County Board of County Commissioners on retail marijuana in our county.
Current conversations considering the establishment of retail marijuana facilities have all presented as proposals within the boundaries of incorporated communities. Each incorporated community within the County establishes its own ordinances and practices that are not subject to the oversight or approval of the Board of County Commissioners.
Information requests and public comment associated with proposals within the incorporated boundaries of communities are best directed to the governing body of that community.
Citizens wishing to obtain information or issue public comment on proposed projects are best advised to contact City and/or Town officers elected to govern the communities in which proposals are under discussion.
We also wish to reaffirm our current and unchanged position on retail marijuana in unincorporated Yuma County. Ordinance 02-15-2013-01, adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on February 15, 2013, prohibits the establishment and/or operation of retail marijuana facilities, marijuana cultivation facilities, marijuana product manufacturing, and marijuana testing facilities in unincorporated Yuma County.
This ordinance was adopted following the results of the November 6, 2012 statewide vote on Amendment 64, at which time over 60 percent of the residents of Yuma County rejected the adoption of legalized retail marijuana.
While Amendment 64 passed at the state level, a county ordinance was adopted to reflect the expressed opinions of Yuma County voters.
At this time, the Yuma County Board of County Commissioners wishes to publicly state that this remains the official position of Yuma County and we currently hold no intention to alter that position.