Gates running for YC Commissioner

My name is Adam Gates and I am excited to announce that I am running for Yuma County Commissioner District 1.
I was born and raised in Yuma County. I have experienced the friendly rivalry from both sides of the county wearing purple as a member of the Wray Eagles Class of 1996 and transitioning to wearing red to support my daughter in the Yuma Indians Class of 2022. I particularly enjoy the camaraderie and community that we are a part of.
Throughout my life I have enjoyed being involved in agriculture, from my younger days working on local farms to present day running a cattle operation with my father. I also own a specialized fencing company and regularly talk to other farmers and ranchers in the community about the issues they see in our county. The concerns we all face regarding water and its conservation are important to me, since Yuma County is on the front line of our state’s compact compliance issues with Nebraska and Kansas.
Bouncing across the many miles of our county hauling agricultural commodities with my semi, I am up close and personal with the daunting task Yuma County faces in maintaining safe roadways. We must continue to fight for our fair share of transportation funding.
With residential investment properties in the county I also see what a struggle it is for families to find affordable housing. We must strive to keep our county affordable and an attractive place to live and work. Additionally, we must take care so that seniors can retire comfortably and continue to be part of the fabric of our communities.
Our county must be welcoming to and protective of other industries that contribute to our tax base and provide jobs for those of us who call this place home. Just as the Board of County Commissioners tackles the many challenges we face locally, we must also work to ensure that our state-wide interests are protected.
It is through my experiences that I intend to bring an open mind and business eye to the seat of Yuma County Commissioner District 1.