Heartstrong Cattle Dog Classic this weekend

It is time for the stock dogs to take center stage again in Yuma County.
The second annual Heartstrong Cattle Dog Classic will be April 29-May 1, at Ronda Pletcher’s ranch located at 31228 County Road M, southeast of Yuma.
The Novice Class will compete Friday, April 29, beginning at 4 p.m. The main action will be with the Open Class entrants, Saturday and Sunday, April 30-May 1, beginning each day at 8 a.m. Spectator admission is free.
There will be a free barbecue at 12 noon on April 30 for up to 250 people in attendance. Organizer Ronda Pletcher said local organizers have stepped up big time to sponsor the barbecue. She said it will be basically an Ag Appreciation Day.
“I am super, super excited about it,” Pletcher said, adding the event is receiving even more business sponsorship than for last year’s inaugural Heartstrong Cattle Dog Classic. “It is super humbling.”
There also will be a food truck onsite.
Sponsors are located not only in Yuma County, but also from Sterling, Brush, Holyoke and Burlington. Pletcher said she would love to see spectators from all over the region.
A total of 57 dogs are entered in this year’s Classic, including from Tennessee, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.
The dogs and their handlers will be put through an obstacle course involving several maneuvers in handling cattle. Competitors will receive points for each head they get through a maneuver. The combination of points and fastest times will determine the winners. There will be considerable cash prizes each day, and the winner of the average two-day combined scores will receive very attractive buckles.