Leonard L. McCall 1934– 2020

Leonard was born June 4, 1934 to Arthur and Alice McCall in Yuma, Colorado. He passed away on Sunday, December 20, 2020 at his home in Nampa, Idaho with family and wife Vivian (Gibson) Mcall.
He was born fourth in a family of ten children. As a young child, life on the farm consisted of helping with the animals, working in the garden with his mom, taking care of his younger siblings, and going to a one-room country schoolhouse. He would run out in the pastures rounding up the cows and helping with the milking, separating and collecting the cream to sell for grocery money for the family.
Leonard’s dad dug basements with a team of horses and a slip. All the boys were helped run the cement and with the construction. Living in the country meant catching a ride to high school and then chores when he got home. He wanted to help his parents any way he could and was always helping repair and paint their homes. That started his love of painting.
Leonard and his brother often worked for local farmers and brother Earl learned to fly the farmers plane. One day they flew to a far-out field and crashed the farmers plane. They were both unhurt and had a great story to tell. Many times, in the fall months, they picked corn by hand and had great competitions on who could pick the most bushels in a given time.
Leonard served his country in the Army in Korea. Leonard volunteered for duty in Korea so he could see foreign soil. It always gave him a laugh as he was a motor pool clerk with no typing experience.
Back home in Yuma, he co-owned and operated the Conoco Station built by his dad, family and others.
In 1959, Leonard and Vivian were married in Yuma and began 61 years together. The welcomed sons, Gregory Lin and Geren Matthew.
Leonard was also a driver for Standard Oil and was responsible for keeping the farmers tanks full and delivered chemicals to local crop dusters. When his deliveries were complete, his boss would tell him to take time off, go home and work on his painting commitments. This began his career he truly loved.
No building was too ugly or too high or too difficult for him. High hip-roofed barns, churches, homes and new construction got his painting touch. At one time, he had an all-women’s crew of 5. He said they were the most particular and great at all cleanings!He worked for several building contractors and eventually opened his own paint and wallpaper sales in conjunction with Kwal Paint and Sherwin Williams both delivering from Denver. While high up on the roof of the Yuma Catholic Church, a family friend, who lived in Caldwell, Idaho, walked by and said to him “you fight this wind.  Why don’t you move to Idaho, the wind doesn’t blow there?” Only later when the local bank asked him to paint and wallpaper a new construction they wanted to sell, and a dust storm blew up. It blew fine dirt around the new windows. It was then he remembered what Bill said. When he arrived home, he promptly said to Vivian “If you’re living with me, you’d better pack up-we’re moving!” So, a visit to Idaho a while later led us here. The Town Square in Boise was newly built, and Leonard was able to paint the new candy store there. Over time, he worked with several local contractors and was always busy. Geren and Greg were helpers and Geren worked part time while attending high school and college. Greg became the estimator and bookkeeper. Many young men were part of his crew and varying as there was need and guys willing to work.  Nothing was more enjoyable than painting his special touch on a project. An early extra was always cleaning the exterior windows and painting the mailbox, clothesline poles or whatever the exterior of a home needed brightening up.
Leonard’s family attended Yuma Nazarene Church and were active members in many areas. They later attended Nampa First Nazarene Church and several couples evening bible studies. They hosted groups at their home in the winter time sharing faith-based videos.
Leonard was a Christian from early adulthood and grew in faith finding strength and much joy with daily devotions – sharing his certainty of heaven and his love of his Savior, Jesus Christ. He truly served the Lord by serving others. Sometimes painting for folks just because he could and was glad to help others. Leonard and Vivian owned and managed several rental properties and enjoyed keeping them looking good. Leonard served on the Board of Nampa Christian School and was an eager helper there and really enjoyed setting up for the annual auction. He shared with his sons the great feeling of a job well done and satisfaction and joy he had with his work. Leonard has been described as the “hardest working man ever”.
Leonard and Vivian shared many family vacations with their siblings & spouses. Grandchildren were always a joy and blessing and it was a blessing having them close by. He was a strong and well person and his sickness was only a short time.
He leaves wife, Vivian, son Geren and wife Candi; grandchildren Bethany, Steven, Joseph and Nathaniel McCall, Caleb, wife Naomi and baby Luke Baker and Brianna Baker. His brothers Gary McCall (Virginia) and Dale McCall; sisters Doris Smith (Gene), Evelyn Henry, and many extended family and friends he cherished. He is predeceased in death by his son Greg and siblings Jess, Jean, Earl, Marilyn, Phillip Ray and parents.
We are so grateful for his upbeat, can do spirit. While we will miss him every day, we are so thankful for the certainty of heaven and eternity with Jesus.
The Memorial Service for Leonard McCall took place on December 29, 2020 and was live streamed from the First Church of Nazarene in Nampa, Idaho to the Yuma First Church of Nazarene. Those attending the service in Yuma, Colorado were: Mr. and Mrs. Gary McCall, Mrs. and Mrs. Byron McCall, Mrs. Earl McCall, and Bethleen McCall, Mr. and Mrs. Merl Dinsmore, Jason Dinsmore, Patricia Korf, Marge Snedeker, Raymond and Daphne Guinn, Evelyn Henry, Vernon and Coral Young, Marvin and Shirley Fadenrecht, Eugene and Doris Smith, Pastor Dave and Jamie Martelle.