Memorial Day Services, Cemetery Tour, return to large crowds

After a one-year hiatus thanks to COVID-19, big crowds came back out again for the Memorial Day Service at the Yuma Cemetery, and the following Cemetery Tour by the Yuma Museum.

Yuma VFW and American Legion again was able to present a full service before a large crowd, on a pleasant Monday morning following a day full of rain on Sunday.
Many stayed afterward for the Yuma Museum Memorial Day Cemetery Tour. Five veterans buried at the Yuma Cemetery were featured.
Duncan McCall, Sr. (1834-1904) was in the Civil War before eventually settling on a homestead near Yuma in 1893. His story was presented by great-great-grandson Mitchell Korf.
Walter Raymond Heltenberg (1920-1945) was killed in action in Germany on Easter Sunday, April 1, 1945 toward the end of World War II. His story was presented by nephew Ray Heltenberg.

The Yuma Museum Cemetery Tour featured five veterans buried in the Yuma Cemetery. (Pioneer Photo)

Alfred William Korf (1922-1992) was a member of the 4th Marine Division of the 14th Regiment during World War II. He saw action in the 24-day Battle of Saipan and the Battle of Tinian, which were island strongholds for the Japanese. His story was presented by grandson Mark McCall.
Lincoln Scott Wise (1891-1979) was a Doughboy in company K of the 158th infantry during World War I. His first action was in the Battle of Soissons and the Battle of Chateau Thierry in July 1918. His story was presented by granddaughter Janice Justice.
James Edward Adams (1915-1945) was in the U.S. Navy. A Carpenter’s Mate Second Class, he was trained to fight fires and plug holes during battles, protecting the integrity of the hull. His story was presented by great-niece Sally Strand.