NCHD asks: Change the Atmosphere

Sterling, Colo. – October 16, 2020: The atmosphere of COVID-19 has been “do this and do that,” and that will stop the spread of COVID-19. But why? Why does a mask work? Why does wearing a mask in a business matter?
Think about it: wearing a mask puts you in control of your droplets. It puts you in control of what you spread and what you don’t spread. Wearing a mask stops you from spreading your droplets, whether they have COVID-19 in them or not, to someone else around you. As community members, you have the power to stop this. You have the ability to make the numbers in your community go down; you have the power to change the atmosphere in your community.
Many of your fellow community members are begging people to wear a mask when going into local businesses because some of their employees are coming to work sick, which leads to other employees possibly having to quarantine and this is detrimental to the business’ ability to continue making money. Our desire as community members should be to do our part to help keep our businesses open and keep everyone in those businesses safe. We all know what to do, how we can keep people safe, and slow the spread of the virus. So why aren’t we doing it? Why aren’t we putting our local economy first? We all love our local coffee shops, our local shopping centers. Why aren’t we doing everything in our power to keep them open?
You have all the power to keep them open; you have the power to get the numbers down and help our businesses thrive. This isn’t just about you as an individual; this is about your friends and neighbors and about helping ensure businesses don’t experience outbreaks of sick employees that can ultimately disrupt their cash flow and put their continued success in jeopardy. Instead of looking for loopholes, lead by example and change your perspective and help make a difference.
“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Winston Churchill.
Our attitude is what will change our community. Our attitude is going to get this virus and all the problems it has caused us in our rearview mirror. Our attitude is going to keep our businesses going and the economy open. Please do the right thing and wear a mask; everyone understands that wearing a mask is getting to be boring and old news. Understanding what you do today and the attitude you have today will make a big difference, the difference that will keep our communities and businesses open and get us one step closer to getting COVID-19 out of our counties, our families, our homes, and out of our lives.
Do the right thing and spread Kindness not COVID.