Peighton is living the dream

By Kelly Rayl
The Yuma Pioneer

Dream job comes true.
Peighton Roth, 2016 YHS graduate and the daughter of Mark and Jen Roth, is the new Scouting Coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Peighton has always been a sports fan, and she began competing at an early age.

Peighton was a member of the YHS 2015 state champion volleyball and the 2016 state champion basketball teams. She has always enjoyed the process of building a team. Now she has an opportunity to participate at the highest level in the NFL.
After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2020, she was lucky enough to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneer staff as an intern in the Football Operations department.
Peighton travelled to all the locations the team played in advance to make arrangements for the team accommodations and travel.
She advanced as an intern to become part of the Football Operations staff and was looking around for the same kind of position in other professional sports team organizations, when an opening in the Tampa Bay scouting department became available.
Peighton has always dreamed of being a part of the staff that scouts potential players for professional teams, so she was more than excited to find a place in Tampa Bay. “It’s surreal. I walk and talk with professional staff and professional football players every day!” said Peighton. “My office faces the practice field.”
“The Tampa Bay Buccaneer staff began planning the 2023 team right after the 2022 draft. What a surprise that was. I was amazed with the Equipment Department, they start their day at 4:00 a.m. and sometimes don’t leave until 10:00 p.m. They are one of the hardest working departments in our organization,” said Peighton.
“The owners, coaching staff, and all departments of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are determined to build the best team inside and out. There are many people of different backgrounds, gender and race. They have been amazing to work for. We all have a common goal, so every door is open to those that can contribute. Everyone has value.”
Peighton answers to the Vice President of Player Personnel John Spytek and General Manager Jason Licht.
There are two scouting departments, one for professional football players and the other for college level athletes. As a Scouting Coordinator, Peighton doesn’t travel as much and has been assigned a professional team. She works with 25 people in her department.
The Scouting department identifies potential players, schedules meetings, watches film, travels to potential player locations, brings the athletes to the Tampa Bay location and along the way they must have the proper credentials for access to the athletes.
Peighton has also worked with the scouting budget, reconciling accounts within the department. “I work with Excell, and I have always liked technology. We have our own “Buc” software.” said Peighton.
Tampa Bay, Florida has been a great place for Peighton to live. She feels safe. “My office is a five minute drive from home, and 20 minutes to the beach and downtown Tampa Bay. There are many young professional people to hang out with and the weather is great! In January it was 75 degrees here.”
The 103rd season of the NFL season starts in August 2022, but Peighton Roth and the Tampa Bay Buccaneer organization have already begun building the 2023 team.